MAP Stories

The MAP community developed a template to help you capture a story about how a library project, service or activity has impacted on your organisation. The template is structured around our 5 step approach to demonstrating impact and can easily be adapted to meet your specific requirements (just delete the boxes you don’t need or add the ones you do!).

MAP story template

It provides a clear structure for you to write up a project with an eye on showing the positive impact of your work. It also guides you to show how what you do links into the bigger picture. A number of real life examples have been shared with us and can be viewed via this link

If you have an example of good practice, or service impact that you would like to share,  consider submitting it to one of the national repositories of good practice in health libraries provided by Knowledge for Healthcare:

Submit examples of service impact

Submit examples of knowledge management stories

Submit examples of patient information projects




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