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Library Strategy (East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Title of project : ELHT Library & Information Services Strategy 2011-2014

Project team : Graham Haldane, Library Services Manager; Clare Morton, Deputy Site Library Services Manager; Judy Richardson, Site Library Services Manager

Resources required : 

  • Staff time – individual & meetings
  • User Needs Assessment – feedback from individuals & groups of key stakeholders
  • Also need to create a dated, documented plan for the implementation of the strategy, with review date – SMART outcomes, resources required (incl. staff & finances), timescales
  • & target dates involved (LQAF 1.2a); monitor & review process (LQAF 1.2b)
  • Documentary evidence of consultation with stakeholders (e.g. user needs assessment, minutes of meetings, emails)
  • Documentary evidence of formal approval (e.g. Board minutes)

Timeframe : Ideally to be completed before submission of LQAF (<26/8/11) ; Executive Board meets 3/8/11
NB Strategy in development or awaiting formal approval will only achieve Partial compliance with LQAF

Description of product/ service : Formally approved strategy that meets LQAF criteria (1.1b) ; Provides vision & direction for the L/K service for 2-5 years ; Takes into account factors that may impact on delivery of service over timescale of strategy ; Is based on consultation with relevant stakeholders & reflects aims, objectives & needs of the NHS organisation(s) it serves

Includes activities outlined in ‘Review of NHS funded library and knowledge services in England’ [Hill report]:

  • Clinical decision making
  • Commission decision & policy making
  • Life-long learning by all NHS staff
  • Research.

Supported by implementation plan (LQAF 1.2a)

Alignment to local, regional & national drivers : Hill Report: ; Darzi report ; Trust business plan/objectives ; HCLU strategy ; Cumbria & Lancs strategy

London Health Libraries – Guidance for producing a library strategy, implementation plan & annual report.

HSG(97)47 – very dated, but specified that NHS library services should be fully multi-professional and meet needs of all staff groups. MAP project plan Library strategy – 8 June 2011

Intended outcome for customer/ organisation/ library : Improved patient care and enhanced staff development, across all staff groups, through further development of library and information services.

Clear strategy for next 2-3 years, aiding internal staff working & prioritisation, raising profile & needs of library service, raising related issues (e.g. training, IT, learning & development, clinical governance, R&D)

Next steps : Produce project plan ; Draft outline of strategy ; Draft – seek feedback; Operational plan ; Marketing plan ; Final document ; Approval by HR Director; Approval by Exec Board ; Monitoring & review process ; Ongoing through 2011-14

Impact assessment : Impact to be seen through e.g. greater uptake of library membership, use of resources (incl. Athens), increase in training activity, increase in interface of library team with clinical, management & other areas. Specifically monitored through user surveys, comments, feedback. Ultimately impact acknowledged through recognition of library service as knowledge hub within organisation.