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“We want to produce a collection of case studies that will encourage library managers to engage with KM activities in their own trusts, once they realise that they are probably already doing KM but just not calling it that. Hoping to avoid duplication, we looked at your case study template as a colleague of mine had pointed me in your direction. We modified it slightly to incorporate ‘resources required’ into ‘the story’ and made a few more design changes. It has not yet been finalised but we are having a teleconference later this week so hopefully it should be signed off then.”
KM Task and Finish Group – Knowledge for Healthcare

“I got access to the wiki last year just to see what this “thingy” was all about and ended up finding the toolkit damned useful! It helped me rationalize and spell out one of the projects I was about to start and to dovetail it with all the local, regional and national drivers which I really had not thought about and defined more clearly till then. The templates and examples were a real boon in helping me produce the project profile. As a by-product, I now see the resultant documentation as evidence of a quality approach to our library business processes. A really good piece of kit – well done to the team. Cheers everyone!”
Library Manager

“I used the toolkit today to help me to complete a vacancy freeze form in an attempt to retain funding for and recruit to a post which will shortly become vacant. Invaluable in completing sections on how the post supports: A. Compliance with legislation or Nat / health service guidelines and B. Trust’s ability to deliver on its service / key performance obligations / targets.”
Library Manager
HG 9/7/10


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