The MAP Toolkit is a growing community of practice that allows library staff across the UK to collaborate, share ideas and develop together.  We are a friendly and welcoming team who are always keen to welcome new faces. Why not join us?  You can join our team, submit your MAP Story or simply lurk and pick up new ideas!

As the MAP toolkit expands we require additional support from health library and information staff in the following ways:

Join the MAP team

The MAP team maintains the MAP Toolkit and writes short summaries for strategic drivers. We also promote MAP by blogging, Tweeting, delivering workshops and via dissemination at meetings.  You time commitment can be as little or as great as you wish, and this provides a great opportunity to develop your professional skills in these areas, meet other like-minded librarians from other regions and access a community of friendly support.

Case study submissions

We’d love you to share your MAP Story with us.  MAP Stories are informal case studies about your own projects and activities. We anticipate that a MAP Story (using our template) should take approximately 30 minutes to write. You can see examples  that have already been written.


Members of the Steering Group, wish to thank Sue Lacey Bryant (Independent Information Specialist), Richard Osborn (NHS London SHA Library Lead) and our fellow NHS Librarians and Information professional serving the NHS in London for giving us permission to use the successful LondonLinks Alignment Toolkit as a basis for this project, we are very grateful for this.


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