Proposed drivers

Evidence reviews for discussion (TO to add)

Evidence Review – Gender and Discrimiation (TO)
Generations – Evidence…/generations-evidence-synthesis.docx
HR Evidence Reviews
Musculoskeletal Problems – Evidence Synthesis
Race discrimination and discipline – Evidence synthesis
Interruptions – Evidence Synthesis

New Policy Briefing

Proposed hot topics:

  • Cross system working – integrated care (TP)
  • GDPR (pulling together various documents on GDPR – Richard Brigden, knowledge Share, add training dates) (VT to draft) due 30th April 2018.


  • darzi
  • Although old, I think these 2 need adding to the blog as they are cited in the HEE mandate:
    • The future of primary care: creating teams for tomorrow (JC)
    • General Practice Forward View and associated web site (TP)

Suggestions provided by Helen Swales following completion of survey, it’s a long list so we will need to review and be selective – duplicates removed 5th Sept 2017 Helen Swales recommendations

To watch out for

  • Facing the facts, shaping the future: a draft health and care workforce strategy for England to 2027 This is a draft strategy, not added at this stage – watch out for it and add later in the year.

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