Knowledge for Healthcare

MAP Toolkit has been going now for over 10 years and since we began there’s a new library driver in town!

The HEE Knowledge for Healthcare Development Framework consists of several workstreams, many of which are relevant to the work of MAP Toolkit.  At our planning event in October 2016, we discussed how we link in to this important strategy that everyone’s talking about.  This page is where we align MAP Toolkit with the various K4H workstreams as we know that many within the MAP community are involved in both projects.

Knowledge Management

Value and Impact

Patient & Public Information

The MAP team have liaised with the Patient and Public Information workstream who have created a list of useful drivers, influencing the development of new services based on our template. You can find more information on their drivers page at

Learning Zone

If you’re working on any of these workstreams and have an idea about how MAP Toolkit could get involved, please get in touch!

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