Workshop 8th Sept 2010

Facilitators: Tracey Pratchett & Hannah Gray
Venue: Briggs Room, Warrington Library
Length: 2 hours

Preparation: Bring an example of any library activity that demonstrates how you have impacted on the work of your organisation. This could be a search, training activity, resource management, collection management activities, project, library redevelopment… anything which you think you will be able to
demonstrate impact. State in e-mail to participants that this will be available on the wiki for potentially anyone to view.

Ensure each person has a login (HG added participants as users 19/8/10)

Session Plan

Introduction 15 mins – HG
Demonstrate Toolkit (See flow chart on presentation for suggested structure): 15 mins – TP
‘Thought shower’ – What are the key drivers for your organisation? (record on flipchart or whiteboard): 10 mins – HG/TP
Log everyone onto the wiki: 5 mins
Using a case study on reorganising and management of store cupboard
– explain each section and get participants to suggest drivers: 15 mins
Participants to complete a case study using word document: 30 mins
Participants to upload word document and create link: 10 mins
Participants to complete survey monkey evaluation 5 mins

Total time = 1hr 50mins (This allows 10 mins for switching between activities)

List of attendees

Next steps: Set up 2 further sessions and invite people (HG e-mailed LIHNN 9/8/10 stating names and that we would be in touch)
Saving money – cost savings (Not a specific driver)
10/10 intiative; EQIP – quality improvement QIPP (Driver (check 10/10) VK)
Sustainability (Not a specific driver)
Patient Safety – NPSA/LIPS (Driver HG)
Health & Well-Being Review Boorman occupational health report (Additional driver TP)
Productive Ward Agenda (Driver VK)
Service improvement (Not a specific driver)
LEAN / Six Sigma (not a specific driver)
Research Agenda R & D Network (National Institute for health research – add to additional drivers TP)
Staff engagement (not a driver – local list)
Local driver – new hospital / buildings (not a driver – local example)
Reconfiguration of service – White Paper / Transforming Community
Services (TCS = Driver HG (SF). White Paper consultation docs bulleted
Students / Medical students – SIFT less funds & more students. Relationships with HE. (See Education WP)
Workforce and Education White Paper (Driver TO)
Inspire – public access issues. Partnership working – Public Libraries and MLA document (Driver? TP)
Staffing reviews – local and national. (Not driver)
Information governance – National document impossible to reach target
– basic IG e-learning module completed 95% (Driver HG to check)
DH information Strategy (Driver? Possibly same as White Paper TO)
Staff skilling Regional / National? (not a driver)
LQAF! (Driver TP)
Public Health White Paper (TO)


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