Workshop 19th May 2011

Workshop has been set up to follow on from the LHNN/HCLU briefing at Warrington 1:45-3:45

Diane Geldard NHS Oldham
Michael Cook NHS Bolton Michael.Cook@BOLTON.NHS.UK
Cheryl Dagnall Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Apologies sent 17.5.2011
Mary Hill Stockport
Graham Haldane Royal Blackburn Hospital
Donna Schofield South Manchester

Email sent 12th May 2011

Preparation: Bring an example of any library activity that demonstrates how you have impacted on the work of your organisation. This could be a search, training activity, resource management, collection management activities, project, library redevelopment… anything which you think you will be able to demonstrate impact. State in e-mail to participants that this will be available on the wiki for potentially anyone to view.

Session Plan

Introduction to the MAP toolkit (TP, using presentation slides) (15 mins)
Discussion – What are the key drivers for your organisation? (TP, prompted by ‘drivers’ slide) (20 mins)
How to use the MAP toolkit. (TP distribute examples as handouts during this part of session). Examine the example Local Service Profile and go through each section. Examine the example Case Study and go through each section. (35 mins) Take some blank templates and get people to start noting down ideas for their case studies.
Summarise (TP, using last 3 slides) (5 mins)
Participants to complete a case study using word document (All) (35 mins)
Participants to save word document to desktop (All) (5 mins)
Participants to complete survey monkey evaluation: (All) (5 mins)
Total time = 2hrs

Drivers discussion

Safety express
Advancing quality
Moving towards FT status
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – informing the JSNA (library) and sharing information
Health & wellbeing – olympics
Investors in people – training
Policy development group – commissioning policies
Literacy and numeracy/ Adult learners week


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