Workshop 10th March 2011

Facilitators: Tracey Pratchett ; Victoria Kirk; Tracy Owen
Venue: Preston Hospital, Library IT Suite
Length: 2 hours per workshop

Preparation: Bring an example of any library activity that demonstrates how you have impacted on the work of your organisation. This could be a search, training activity, resource management, collection management activities, project, library redevelopment… anything which you think you will be able to demonstrate impact. State in e-mail to participants that this will be available on the wiki for potentially anyone to view.

25.1.11 Checked IT access with Joanne Taylor at Preston: PBWorks is accessible; email powerpoint to JT before session and put on PBWorks; Save case studies to encrypted USB borrowed from JT and she will email, also possible to upload to PBWorks or email using VK’s email.

TP to contact Linda Ferguson to see if HCLU would fund refreshments for 16 people (£24 remaining in our budget). Ask participants to arrive 15 mins early if they want a drink.

Session Plan

How to use the MAP toolkit. ”(VK, using presentation slides) (TP distribute examples as handouts during this part of session). Examine the example Local Service Profile and go through each section. Examine the example Case study and go through each section. (35 min)
Summarise (TP, using last 3 slides) (5 mins)
Participants to complete a case study using word document (All) (35 mins)
Participants to save word document to desktop (All) (5 mins)
Participants to complete survey monkey evaluation: (All) (5 mins)

Total time = 2hrs

Next steps
Review comments from evaluation questionnaires (All)
Review suggested drivers from brainstorm session (All)
Consider attending Mental Health Librarians meeting 9th April (All)
Consider the way in which we deliver future workshops – tagged on to the end of other events / meetings? (All)
Arrange next meeting (find out when next Quality Group meeting is??)


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