MAP questionnaire 2017

Proposed questions for questionnaire to evaluate MAP – please add or edit 🙂

What areas of MAP Toolkit have you used?

  • Drivers
  • Ideas Capture template (project plan)
  • MAP Stories template (case study template)
  • Examples from other organisations
  • Other (please specify)
  • None
  • Home page only
  • Don’t know – just linked to via Twitter or mailing list email

In the past year how many times have you used MAP?

  • None
  • 0-5 times
  • 6-20 times
  • More than 20 times

Where have you heard about MAP?

  • Twitter
  • Discussion lists
  • Publications e.g. newsletters, e-bulletins
  • Event / workshop / study day
  • Word of mouth
  • Other (please specify)

Have you used MAP to support a specific workstream or project?
Please give details below and describe what difference it made to have support from the MAP Toolkit in this work.

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Can you suggest how MAP could be improved?

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Would you be interested in contributing to the MAP Toolkit?

  • Yes
  • No


Other thoughts

Can we incentivize the questionnaire in some way?  Offer a prize?

Offer a question about if they have any drivers they would like to see summarised?

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