Patients as Partners

Source: The King’s Fund

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Publication format: PDF

Date of publication: June 2016

Summary of driver: There is a growing consenses that collaborative relationship with patients, carers, third sector and communities is integral to the future of the NHS. This report presents a summary of work done by the King’s Fund on a national development programme, ‘Leading collaboratively with patients and communities’. This publications reports the learning from that programme which has been distilled into five practical
ways to work collaboratively with patients and communities.

Key features of driver:
The report recommends five ways for healthcare workers and organisations to work collaboratively with patients as partners:

  1. Find your collaborative partner
  2. Invest in developing leadership and collaborative relationships
  3. Make time for learning – and share it
  4. Go where the energy is (under the radar)
  5. Embed collaborative activity (authorise it, make it legitimate)

Primary audience: NHS healthcare organisations

Impact on library policy/practice:
Readers of the report are urged to capture their learning, to “write it down, video it, blog it, draw it – anything that helps you share your learning more broadly”; this is an area where library and knowledge services could provide support. Library staff can provide training and guidance on using social media to capture and share knowledge, accessing free video / animation software that could disseminate learning, and signpost communication channels that can help to share learning.  Library / knowledge services have expertise in knowledge management activities that could facilitate the pairing up of potential collaborative partners.

Date last updated: October 2016

Due for review: October 2017

Group member responsible: VT

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