New year, new MAP!

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Source: Unsplash, Annie Spratt

As NHS library and knowledge staff, it’s crucial that we remain aware of the latest NHS policy and guidance, so we can exploit opportunities to enhance decision-making and service redesign.  MAP Toolkit helps us do this.

New NHS drivers are summarised specifically for NHS library staff, enabling you to not only save time in reading the entire document, but also to highlight implications for library and knowledge services.  Recently added drivers include Operational productivity and performance in English NHS Acute Hospitals (the Carter Review) and Delivering high quality, effective, compassionate care.

Throughout 2016 we have been facilitating workshops across the UK on ‘How to demonstrate impact in 5 easy steps’.  If you’d like us to work with you to deliver a workshop in your region please contact us.

For 2017 we have launched a new-look site and language for MAP Toolkit; our case studies are now called ‘MAP Stories’ and our project plan template has been re-branded as ‘Ideas Capture’.

MAP Tookit is a resource for you, so please let us know what drivers are currently impacting on your library and knowledge service.

You can follow our work and keep abreast of newly published drivers by following our Twitter account @map_toolkit or signing up for email updates, or if you want to get closer to the action please join the discussion list

Further info available from MAP Toolkit Leads:
Tracey Pratchett,
Victoria Treadway,



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