10 big questions for STPs. One big question for LKS

Source:  Knowledge for Healthcare blog post by Imrana Ghumra and Sue Lacey Bryant

Link to main document:  

Publication format:  Blog post (Knowledge for Healthcare)

Date of publication: 12th May 2016

Summary of driver:

This blog post discusses the Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) as outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View Shared Planning Guidance.

STPs will be the driver for change and transformation in healthcare between 2016-2021. Priorities and requirements have been rounded up into ’10 big questions’.

Links to relevant information such as the 44 STP footprints, a more detailed briefing of the ’10 big questions’ and an introductory presentation and action planning grid are embedded in the blog post.

The post rounds up with one BIG question for LKS- how can we help?

Key features of driver:

Local Workforce Action Boards (LWABs) have been set up and  are responsible for delivering 4 key pieces of work, starting with an action plan that covers the ’10 big questions for STPs’ which as listed below.

  • How are you going to prevent ill health and moderate demand for healthcare?
  • How are you engaging patients, communities and NHS staff?
  • How will you support, invest in and improve general practice?
  • How will you implement new care models that address local challenges?
  • How will you achieve and maintain performance against core standards?
  • How will you achieve our 2020 ambitions on key clinical priorities?
  • How will you improve quality and safety?
  • How will you deploy technology to accelerate change?
  • How will you develop the workforce you need to deliver?
  • How will you achieve and maintain financial balance?.

Primary audience:  All healthcare and NHS senior management, all NHS staff, local government, Health Education England, DoH.

Impact on library policy/practice:

  • The opportunity to link in with senior management and highlight their information needs and find out what information people need to move forward with their STP.
  • Ideal opportunity to promote time saving resources such as current awareness and LKS evidence searches.
  • Possibility of collaborative purchasing opportunities with other LKS both within and outside relevant STP footprint for resources purchasing to deliver financial savings and fitting in with Knowledge for Healthcare.
  • Once STP is finalised continue to maintain and feed new relationships with senior management and LKS colleagues.
  • Opportunities to showcase how LKS can support  innovation and change, such as  knowledge management skills and running simple KM events to encourage knowledge sharing, e.g randomised coffee trials and knowledge cafes
  • LKS can be an information hub on STPs for patients/carers on site, as well as connecting with public library colleagues.
  • Possible provision of LKS for the Local Workforce Action Boards.

Date last updated: May 2016

Due for review: May 2017

Group member responsible: LK



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