Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRCs)

Also known as CLAHRCs

Source: National Institute for Healthcare Research

Link to main document 

Publication format: Web page includes links to a number of regional CLAHRCs

Date of publication: 20th January 2016 (last update)

Summary of driver: CLAHRCs are collaborations of NHS providers, NHS commissioners, universities, other relevant local organisations and Academic Health Science Networks. There are 13 regional CLAHRCs whose primary focus is chronic disease and public health, and they conduct research and translate into improved patient outcomes.

Key features of driver: The aims of the NIHR CLAHRCs are to:

  • Create a distributed model for the conduct and application of applied health research
  • Create and embed approaches to research and its dissemination
  • Increase the country’s capacity to conduct high quality applied health research focused on the needs of patients, particularly targeted at chronic disease and public health interventions
  • Improve patient outcomes locally and across the wider NHS
  • Contribute to the country’s growth by working with the life sciences industry.

£124 million has been allocated to 13 new Collaborations for a five-year period from 1 January 2014, funding allocation and key areas of research are listed on the main web page. The 13 CLARCs are listed below, each offer varied opportunities to network:

Primary audience: Researchers in NHS, Public Health and Universities

Impact on library policy/practice: Opportunities to link in with our colleagues undertaking research

Date last updated: 19th February 2016

Due for review: 19th February 2017

Group member responsible: Tracey Pratchett


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