Journal Club Support Service

Project Team: Victoria Kirk, Clinical Librarian

Description of product/service:  Journal Clubs help to bridge the gap between research and practice.   This service aims to support staff in developing the evidence based practice and critical appraisal skills required to run a successful Journal Club by signposting relevant resources, tools and services. Available to all prospective and existing Journal Clubs within the organisation and those organisations with which the library service has a Service Level Agreement. The service signposts relevant resources, it does not offer library staff to facilitate Journal Club meetings.

Resources required:

  • People – one professional librarian assigned to each Journal Club.
  • Time – time needed to liaise with Journal Club contacts to discuss requirements of group.
  • Expertise / skills – critical appraisal skills

Timeframe:  Ongoing

Alignment to Local, Regional and National Objectives:

  • 2008 HELICON accreditation report recommended further development of critical appraisal training.
  • Hill Review: Clinical decision making by patients, carers and health professionals; Lifelong learning; Research
  • Darzi framework: Improved healthcare; Clinical leadership; Training and the workforce

Intended outcome for customer / organisation / library: Delivery of support for journal clubs

Next steps: Project review date(s) 12 month review of service.


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