Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009

Source: General Medical Council (GMC)

Link to main document

Publication format: Web document and PDF available (108 pages)

Date of publication: September 2009

Summary of driver: The General Medical Council (GMC) sets the knowledge, skills and behaviours that medical students should learn at UK medical schools. The GMC also sets standards for teaching, learning and assessment.  These requirements are set out in Tomorrow’s Doctors.  Medical schools should be preparing now for the application of the 2009 edition of Tomorrow’s Doctors from 2011/2012 onwards.

Key features of driver:

  • Tomorrow’s Doctors lists outcomes that medical graduates must achieve, relating to their roles as scientist, scholar, practitioner and professional.
  • The report also sets out standards expected for the delivery of undergraduate teaching, learning and assessment.

Primary audience: UK medical education providers

Impact on library policy/practice:
Tomorrow’s Doctors states that NHS Organisations are responsible for

supporting medical schools in the delivery of Tomorrow’s Doctors.  For NHS libraries, this may involve supporting the educational needs of medical undergraduates through the provision of library inductions, information skills training, library membership and access to library services.

One of the stated outcomes for graduates is the ability to apply scientific method and approaches t medical research (Outcome 12).  Libraries can support the achievement of this outcome through support and training for literature searching skills and critical appraisal skills.

One of the standards (Domain 8) that medical schools must meet is the provision of appropriate educational facilities and infrastructure, including during time spent in NHS hospitals.  This includes library facilities and resources.

 Medical education; medical undergraduates; medical students

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver:

Date last updated: 5.10.2013

Due for review: April 2014

Group member responsible: VK


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