The way forward: strategic clinical networks

Title of driver: The way forward: strategic clinical networks

Source: NHS Commissioning Board

Link to main document

Publication format: PDF

Date of publication: July 2012

Summary of driver: The new network will work with local and operational delivery networks to support clinicians in gathering and sharing insight into treating conditions that are complex and offer treatment across a number of settings.  It aims to breakdown communication barriers to promote better, more consistent care for the patients, whilst developing greater opportunities for collaboration.

Key features of driver:
• Hosted by NHS Commissioning from April 2013
• Initial Operational Development Networks (ODN): Cancer; Cardiovascular; Maternity and Children; Mental health, dementia and neurological conditions.
• Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN) will support commissioners in change projects and improving patient outcomes.
• Guiding principles: Quality – contribution to the NHS Outcomes Framework; Clinical leadership; Patient and public voice; Equality and health inequalities; Innovation and the NHS change model.
• Networks divided into 12 regional areas (Senates)
• Will work alongside Academic Health Science Networks (AHSN) to support quality/service improvement and ultimately the achievement of patient and population health outcomes.

Primary audience: Commissioners and clinical staff.

Impact on library policy/practice: Networks and senates are designed to encourage provision of clinical advice to support local decision making, making it an ideal system for librarians to share their expertise in terms of literature searching, enquiry services and consolidation of information.

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver: None as of 13.11.12

Date last updated: 13.11.12

Due for review: 13.11.13

Group member responsible: Sue Smith


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