Opportunity Locator

Title of driver: Opportunity Locator

Source: Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Link to main document

Publication format: Online tool

Date of publication:

Summary of driver:The Opportunity Locator is a data tool to support the commissioning priorities of local health communities. The purpose of the Opportunity Locator tool is to stimulate ideas on where commissioners should focus their attention in re-designing and shifting services away from the traditional setting of the hospital and out towards community based care.

The tool allows your PCT to benchmark costs against other PCTs, which will identify areas they cannot make changes to create significant savings.

Key features of driver:

  • Can compare SHAs, PCTs and GP surgeries within PCTs
  • Can drill down to-
    Emergency Admissions
    Intermediate Care
    Outpatient 1st Attendance
    Outpatient Follow Up

Primary audience: Commissioners

Impact on library policy/practice:
Library services can show how they can support the PCT is the keys areas identified as over-spend, by providing evidence of best practice that will drive change.

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver:

Date last updated: Sept 2009

Due for review: Sept 2010

Group member responsible: LE


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