NW Health Care Libraries Unit strategy

Title of driver: A strategy for NHS library information services development in the North West: 2009 – 2014

Source: Health Care Libraries Unit (HCLU)
Link to main document

Publication format: PDF

Date of publication: August 2009

Summary of driver: HCLUs strategic plan sets out a flexible framework for NW NHS organisations to develop library information service strategies within their own local context. The strategy has been developed within the context of other regional and national drivers (Healthier Horizons, Darzi, Hill Report).

Key features of driver:
There are 8 key themes:

  • Improving the quality of the service by aligning library services with core NHS business
  • Modernising NHS library information services
  • Developing the NHS library workforce
  • Making quality an integral part of the library information service
  • Creating effective partnerships
  • Thinking about how NHS library information services can meet or support the health information needs of patients, carers and the public
  • Contributing to sustainable development
  • Providing the right level of funding

    Case studies demonstrating how NW library services are meeting each of the key themes are provided.

Primary audience: All NHS and HE healthcare library staff providing library and information services to NHS organisations across the North West.

Impact on library policy/practice: Provides guidance on how NW NHS organisations can develop their own library services and how HCLU will aim to support key developments. Outlines areas in which library services should be proactive in aligning themselves with their own NHS organisations.

Keywords: Acute; Hospitals; Primary Care; Mental Health; Community

Case studies/Local Service examples mapping to this driver are: None

Date last updated: July 2010

Review date: 2014

Group member responsible: MM


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