Making Education Governance a Reality in the Northwest

Source: NHS Northwest Workforce and Education Directorate

Link to main document

Publication format: PDF

Date of publication: April 2009

Review date: Not stated

Summary of driver: Being committed to learning is essential in any NHS organisation, ensuring that the workforce has the required skills and knowledge to improve their capability of achieving organisational objectives and adapting to change.

Key features of driver: This document aims to define Education Governance, set out its benefits, describe the way in which NHS North West will support this agenda and provide guidance on making it a reality in organisations.

4 Key Priorities:
Organisations to have an Education and Learning Strategy
Organisations to self assess against the benchmark statements (appendix 1)
Organisations to have an Education Governance Board to progress this agenda
Organisations to routinely assess and monitor education and learning measures (see appendix 3 for suggested measures) to assess the impact of education and learning

The Benchmark Statements against which organisations are encouraged to self assess are organised under the following themes:
Education and Learning Leadership
Education and Learning Strategy
Education and Learning Plan
Engagement with service users and consumers of education and learning
Systematic measurement of education and learning activity
Evaluation of education and learning activity

Primary audience: All North West NHS organisations; specifically Trust Boards and those with a responsibility for workforce and organisational development and learning / education and development

Impact on library policy/practice: 

Taken from the document:
‘Similar to that of Clinical Governance, its purpose is to embed accountability, transparency and continuous improvement into an organisation’s culture – in this case within the education, learning, development and knowledge management function’ (p4)
Education and Learning Measures relating to Library services (p15):
investment level to support development of learning infrastructure
library services accreditation level from North West Health Care Libraries Unit
availability of library and electronic learning services, including access to the internet forall staff
all work environments support learning activities.

Indirect potential library related Education and Learning Measures(p15):
reduced sickness and absence
reduced errors in the workplace
number of applicants per job vacancy increases due to becoming a preferred employer
career progression pathways improve
quality assurance assessments improve.

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver:

Date last updated: 2/7/10

Due for review: July 2011

Group member responsible:


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