Healthier Horizons for the North West: Our NHS, Our Future

Source: NHS Northwest (SHA)

Link to web page with main document

Publication format: Report

Date of publication: 2008

Review date: December 2010

Summary of driver: Healthier Horizons is a wide ranging clinical review of health services across the Northwest to tackle the priorities outlined in the Darzi Report. The report aims to address health inequalities in the region and provide a healthier future for the next 10 years.

Key features of driver: The driver aims to put front line staff at the heart of the decision-making process and to improve patient safety, care and access to services. Its main themes are:

Clinical Pathway Groups (CPGs) in 8 key areas have reviewed existing services, presented a case for change and planned delivery over the next one, three, five and ten year horizon.
Ensure that NHS organisations are challenged to provide high level services and ensure that patients get the best experience.
Working in partnership with service users to involve them in their own care and decision-making processes.

In order to address Darzi’s recommendations to develop NHS services that are fair, personal, accessible, safe and accountable, NHSNorth West developed PACE – Personalised, Advanced, Care, Environment.

Link to The Vision – How we are doing one year on to see case studies demonstrating how this has been put into practice

Primary audience: Acute; Primary Care Trusts

Impact on library policy/practice: Providing information to support service development; looking for examples of good practice; Contributing to patient information; Horizon scanning/alerting services.

Keywords: Health priorities; partnership; PACE; health inequalities

Case studies/Project plan examples mapping to this driver: None

Information reviewed and updated: June 2010

Due for review: Dec 2010

Group member responsible: TP


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