Going forward with e-learning within the NHS in the North West

Source: NHS North West

Link to main document

Publication format
: PDF, 19 pages

Date of publication: April 2010

Summary of driver: North West strategy for e-learning which “renews the commitment to use e-learning to help support the drive for innovation in the delivery of education relevant to the needs of the workforce and organisations”.  The strategy aims to exploit existing networks and partnerships to encourage the adoption of e-learning within NHS Trusts.  The strategy suggests activities that can be adoipted by Trusts to implement the strategy.

Key features of driver:

  • The nature of learning is changing, and e-learning offers a more personalised approach to learning where the user can shape their own learning.
  • The use of communication tools, mobile technology and Web 2.0 technologies such as discussion forums, blogs and podcasts is paramount to e-learning.
  • Effective use of these tools should be encouraged within NHS Trusts.
  • Educators in the NHS need to develop their understanding and skills in developing e-learning content.
  • Key drivers for the e-learning agenda include quality, QIPP, education governance and the National E-learning Framework for England.
  • Recent achievements in e-learning in the North West include the development of NHS Elite, the North West Conflict Resolution e-learning programme and the Equality and Diversity programme.

Primary audience: All NHS Workforce and Education leads

Impact on library policy/practice: Libraries could use this driver to support the development of e-learning initatives in library information literacy/user education programmes. Libraries might offer training courses to NHS staff relating to the use of Web 2.0 technologies. Developing web sites and supporting the development of open source repsoitories

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver: None currently

Date last updated: 10/8/2011

Due for review: 10/8/2012

Group member responsible: To be allocated


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