Journal Streamlining

Title of project: Streamlining of Trust Journal Management

Project Team:

  • Susan Smith – Senior Librarian (project lead)
  • Jill Lucas – Supplies Administration
  • JET Library Steering Committee (advisory)
  • Library staff for day to day tasks.

Resources Required:

  • Ebsco – subscription agent
  • Journal subscriptions
  • Internal mail
  • NHS Link resolver
  • NHS A-Z journals list
  • Catalogue (University of Chester)
  • Departmental contacts

Timeframe: Ongoing – to be initiated Jan 2011

“The Story”: Historically the journal subscriptions for the Trust have been managed by the Supplies Department. As a result online access had never been activated or linked into other electronic resources. There was also evidence of a number of duplicate purchases taken by the Trust.
Errors in postal addressing, has lead to failure in subscription delivery. Over a 3 month period of postal errors, no departments claimed issues not received.
The Library is now working with the Supplies Department to transfer the management of the journals across to the library, to ensure proper access, de-duplication, alignment with national procurement and provision of a journal receipt service.
Departments have been contacted and have granted different levels of library involvement with their subscriptions. All departmental purchases will be received and check-in by the library and forwarded on to the department as required. The library consults with departments and supplies in an advisory capacity at point of renewal. Most departments have opted for the library to manage electronic content and have provided a list of departmental holdings for inclusion on the link resolver with arrangements for staff access to departmental collections.
Departments were fully consulted before implementing the service, all with extremely positive views.
The library will be responsible for the addition of subscriptions to the library catalogue and link resolver. It addition will activate any online access.
Initially it will take 3 hours of time at start of the year to add to current systems and will add 10 mins per week to the current journal check-in procedure.

Alignment to local, regional and national drivers: The library aims to streamline the journal subscription process, maximise the usage of resource and improve visibility. Through departmental discussion it aims to prevent duplication and rationalise resources as a way of saving money.
Darzi report
NHS White paper

Impact of this project/service for the:
• customer • organisation • library
The project will be evaluated by review meetings with the supply department and a follow up survey of the departments to ensure they are happy with the service.
There has already been the cancellation of 7 journals as a result of duplication.
There has already been an increase in the use of NHS Athens accounts as a result of discussions.
New links with departments have been created with view to other joint projects and promotion of library services.

Lessons Learned: Uptake has been better than expected with only two departments not allowing staff access to the journal, but one will supply to library after departmental circulation.

Sustainability / next steps? More will be know after the project takes effect and has been fully evaluated.

Contact details: Susan Smith –

Date case study completed: 08/09/10


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