Public Health Outcomes Framework

Title of driver: Public Health Outcomes Framework

Source: Department of Health

Link to main document

Publication format: Webpage, can be downloaded as PDF

Date of publication: January 2012

Summary of driver: It is the ‘vision’ for public health from 2013 – 2016, setting out the next 3 years for public health work in England. The ‘Public Health Framework’ consists of 2 overarching goals – ‘increased healthy life expectancy’ (both in quality and quantity) and ‘Reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities’. The framework document also lays out the transition of public health from NHS back to local authority, development of indicators and transparency of responsibilities.

Key features of driver:
• Public Health ‘vision’
• Public Health ‘drivers’ (increased healthy life expectancy and reduced differences in life expectancy and healthy life expectancy between communities)
• Public Health ‘domains’ (improving the wider determinants of health ; health improvement; health protection; healthcare public health and preventing premature mortality)
• Public Health England will deliver Public Health
• Local authorities will commission public health services
• Details of Public Health transition from NHS to local authority
• Introduces and explains ‘Public Health Indicators’ that are broken down into the 4 domains (see above)
Primary audience: Public Health Staff, key players in other partner department and organisations i.e. Local Authority
Impact on library policy/practice:
• Find out if local PH have access to library services? Not all have support post PCT split
• PH and evidence not always good bedfellows.

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver: None Currently

Date last updated: March 2012

Due for review: June 2012, then annually from that TP

Group member responsible: MC



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