Public Health England structure

Title of driver: Public Health England structure: factsheet

Source: Department of Health

Link to main document

Publication format: PDF from website

Date of publication: July 2012

Summary of driver: The structure of Public Health England will change in April 2013; this factsheet shows how the organisation will be restructured to protect and improve helath and well-being and tackle helath inequalities.

Key features of driver: This factsheet shows the proposed structure for 2013 and will provide the basis of the transition. The document outlines how the following parts of Public Health England will be organised:

  • The structure of the leadership team and its governance processes (page 2)
  • The leadership team will lead 8 directorates: health protection; health improvement and population health;knowledge and intelligence; operations; strategy; programmes; finance and corporate services; human resources
  • Detail regarding the structure, staffing and remit for each directorate is discussed.
  • Public Health England will operate through four regions and 15 centres (Page 14)

The following principles will underpin the new Public Health England:

  • People are safely and securely transferred into the new agency
  • Disruption to existing services is minimised and service continuity is maintained
  • Communication will be regular and frequent

Primary audience: Local authorities, Public Health Departments & Workforce,  All NHS Trusts,

Impact on library policy/practice: Libraries based within public health, or serving public health England will be affected in that they will potentially be delivering services to new audiences e.g. local authorities.

Case studies / Local service profile examples mapping to this driver: None as of 31.1.2013

Date last updated: 31.1.2013

Due for review: 1.12.2013

Group member responsible: Not yet identified



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